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More on Mozilla Weave

I have been doing some testing of the latest update to the weave extension version 0.1.30 (change log here) and I have to say it works quite well.

I started with a clean install of Firefox 3.0RC1 from Portable Apps and then installed the extension from here. I ran through the initial setup routine and did the initial sync which took almost 7 minutes to complete. Most of that time was spent with the hard drive churning away with very little CPU or memory impact. After the initial sync i went into the weave preferences and enabled the alpha password and cookie options and then ran another sync.

Weave Prefs

I then went out to several forum and web mail sites like Gmail etc and all my user names and passwords were there. The feature seems quite stable for being alpha.

I will test the new build more in the coming days including on a Linux install.

Weave is quickly becoming viable replacement for Google Browser Sync that I used previously. Other than the initial sync performance seems to be on par with GBS as well. If this is alpha/beta software I cannot wait to see the release version!

I will test Foxmarks in the future but I have become so accustomed to password/cookie/history syncing that plain bookmark syncing does not really appeal to me at the moment. Not a knock on Foxmarks as I hear it is a great bookmark syncing system.


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My Favourite Firefox Extensions…

Everyone has their favourite Firefox extensions. I have 7 that I install on every new install of Firefox. I have fine tuned these to give me the best browsing experience possible.

The Big Three Must haves:

Google Browser Sync
I install this one first so I get an encrypted copy of my bookmarks. I have found this to be one of the easier bookmark sync tools out there even though I have had quite a few issues with it sometimes going out of ‘sync’.

Tab Mix Plus
This is my next install. TMP gives me the ultimate control over the way Firefox behaves. There a too many options to list for this one. You can configure almost every aspect of tab viewing, opening, closing etc. There is an undo close tab feature that is impossible to live without and the crash recovery feature works quite good as well. Even in Firefox 2 I use the TMP session manager instead of the native one since it gives me much more control. TMP is very much a “Must Have”!

Sage Feed Reader
This one is obviously my rss feed reader. I know live bookmarks are built in but I just prefer Sage. I guess it is just because I have been using it for so long(since version 1.1 i believe) that it is hard to change. Hard to beat its simple interface and usability though.

The rest:

I just love that fact that when you click on an FTP link you can automatically fire up a fairly full featured ftp client instantly. It saves alot of time launching an external FTP client like FileZilla and copying and pasting the info. I could use the built in ftp support of Firefox but this is much nicer to use.

Again another in browser app that just saves time. I do not spend alot of time in IRC so this client works great for me.

Another fav of mine. This takes any plain text link and makes it clickable so no need to copy and paste. Just a time saver while browsing.

Pearl Crescent Page Saver
I use this(the free version) to save entire webpages or just the visible portions to a .png or .jpg. I use it mostly for saving things like google maps and then cropping and adding my own markups to the image for my own personal directions. It also makes printing certain pages easier by saving them to images.

These are my top extensions. I guess since I am trying to start a blog some blogging extensions may be of interest. Any suggestions?

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