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More on Mozilla Weave

I have been doing some testing of the latest update to the weave extension version 0.1.30 (change log here) and I have to say it works quite well.

I started with a clean install of Firefox 3.0RC1 from Portable Apps and then installed the extension from here. I ran through the initial setup routine and did the initial sync which took almost 7 minutes to complete. Most of that time was spent with the hard drive churning away with very little CPU or memory impact. After the initial sync i went into the weave preferences and enabled the alpha password and cookie options and then ran another sync.

Weave Prefs

I then went out to several forum and web mail sites like Gmail etc and all my user names and passwords were there. The feature seems quite stable for being alpha.

I will test the new build more in the coming days including on a Linux install.

Weave is quickly becoming viable replacement for Google Browser Sync that I used previously. Other than the initial sync performance seems to be on par with GBS as well. If this is alpha/beta software I cannot wait to see the release version!

I will test Foxmarks in the future but I have become so accustomed to password/cookie/history syncing that plain bookmark syncing does not really appeal to me at the moment. Not a knock on Foxmarks as I hear it is a great bookmark syncing system.


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